Our Mission

Integrated Marketing Approach: Old Timer's Air Parade

Mission Statement

The Steam Marketing Group through the launch of its seminal program, Tracks to the Future,  was conceived to provide steam train operations that present the community and industry with an opportunity to become familiar with a mode of transportation whose hey-day has long since past.  Our goal is to capitalize on the popularity of the steam locomotive as a “goodwill ambassador,” while at the same time offering corporate sponsors a memorable and dynamic advertising venue.

By ensuring top-notch mechanical requirements, presenting a sound business plan, assembling a skilled executive team and attracting volunteers from diverse backgrounds, we plan to become the preeminent provider of steam event marketing.

We will invest in our employees/volunteers and maintain an environment that is conducive to their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  We will provide them with challenges and rewards that encourage them to make meaningful contributions to the organization, our sponsors and the community.

Company Overview

To carry out our business mission, the Steam Marketing Group will:

  • Cultivate relationships with host railroads that are arms-length in that we remunerate them at market value rates for the use of their assets while at the same time holding paramount their safety concerns;
  • Focus heavily on preventive maintenance and mechanical reliability in operations;
  • Employ only individuals with strong railroad backgrounds who share, in both thought and action, our exemplary regard for safe working practices;
  • Work to increase the awareness and perception of our operations through public relations, marketing and consumer education;
  • Implement policies that promote superior consumer advertising impressions for our sponsors without jeopardizing our capability to fulfill other aspects of our organizational mission;
  • Bring to corporate America effective tools through which to garner positive public relations and support effective marketing;
  • Add to our team, as need dictates, experienced individuals who share our common interest in outside the box event marketing.

Specific objectives to support these activities include:

  • Invite corporate sponsorships that are complementary to one another;
  • Engage the services of competent, experienced employees/consultants who can come in, quickly recognize requirements and outline plans that are definite in time, purpose and expense;
  • Broaden positive relations with railroads, host communities and organizations;
  • Appoint a full-time director of marketing who has the ability to implement and achieve marketing/communications goals of our individual sponsors and the project as a whole.

Values Statement

At the Steam Marketing Group, we believe that above all, our business should be based on safety and respect:

  • Safety for our volunteers, employees and well-wishers;
  • Respect for the sponsoring corporations and the consumers who visit their railcars;
  • Respect for the people with whom we work;
  • Respect for the environment;
  • Take seriously our social and community responsibilities.

We must provide competent direction, underpinned by ethical activities.  We must maintain in good order, the property of the host railroads over which we are privileged to run, steadfastly protecting their property, image and reputation.

Vision Statement

The Steam Marketing Group will gain national renown for being the best, most reliable provider of steam locomotion experiences in the country.