What We Do

Integrated Marketing Approach: Ships

Steam Marketing Group is a collaboration of seasoned business professionals, including career finance, sales and public relations specialists -- specialists who are “plugged in” to a wide range of resources, such as multimedia, logistics and strategic planning resources.  Creative and diligent in approach, SMG staff embrace opportunities to help consumer industry clients achieve off-the-page branding message delivery, and work to establish exciting event marketing campaigns that promote outstanding advertising impressions for our sponsors.

We coordinate experiential marketing techniques and auxiliary applications in advertising and media to help clients positively heighten brand perception.  Distinguished not only by our professional competencies, but by our eagerness to partner with visionary corporate advertising leaders, we anticipate through our inaugural, Tracks to the Future project, the launching of a new era of event marketing that is capable of innovatively enhancing branding effectiveness, and which is powered by the same energy which powered an earlier revolution in industry.